Hudson River Striped Bass 

Fishing Charter

Are you a serious angler that is tired of boating single digit fish and you just want the chance to land a Monster? Come aboard and let us teach you how we do it. We also provide an exciting and friendly fishing environment for families and groups, so if you are looking to get the kids out of their video games and hooked on a new hobby, then look no further... no great childhood memory starts with "I was sitting on the couch..."

We recommend this trip for families, groups and serious anglers alike. Due to the short migratory season of the Striped Bass prime dates for these trips book up fast so do not hesitate to put a deposit down on your striped bass fishing trip date today!

In New York State, the Hudson River is the main spawning ground for striped bass. In the spring, mature striped bass swim up to the headwaters of the Hudson to spawn. We are lucky enough to be located at "end of the road" for these first-class game fish, for as they travel up the Hudson River from the Atlantic Ocean 157 miles later they are greeted by the Troy Dam. The fish begin to stack up in this area of the Hudson River from Albany NY to the Green Island and "Monster Hunters" just so happens to be docked in... wait for it... Green Island which is also just a 5 minute boat ride from the Troy Dam putting us in some of the most sought after hunting grounds of the pre-spawn and post-spawn Striped bass. As you can imagine this gives us the opportunity to catch some extremely large... nope "MONSTROUSLY" large trophy class Striped Bass!

We are among Albany NY Charter Fishing elite, let our 30 years of experience fishing the Hudson river for Stripers help you catch a monster today...

Morning Half Day 6am-11am ...$450

Evening Half Day 2pm-7pm ...$450

NOTE - There is a no-fee recreational marine fishing registry for the Hudson River. For more information, go to or call 1-866-933-2257 to register. Everyone 16yrs of age and older must register prior to fishing.

 Price Includes up to 4 passengers

Family Groups Welcome!

We offer 2 half-day trips daily:

- A Half Day Morning Trip: 6am-11am...$450

- A Half Day Evening Trip: 2pm-7pm...$450

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